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= allowing real time cash purchases of bitcoins



"The world's first bitcoin ATM was successfully beta tested in public for the first time at ‘Cool As Ever Tech’ Saturday, August 13th, 2011, 12pm - 6pm. San Diego, CA.

The ATM was on-line and fully functional selling Bitcoins at market exchange rates with no markup or fees.

Bitcoin ATM bridges the gap between virtual currencies and cash, allowing real time cash purchases of bitcoins and facilitating many other transaction types using bitcoin as a medium.

Bitcoin ATM will become the fastest growing and largest bitcoin related startup entertaining licensing agreements and additional funding from high net worth holders of bitcoins such as ‘mining pools’ and early adopters (and old school fiat currencies if we must).

Bitcoin ATM is planning 200 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide by Q3 2012.

Bitcoin ATM is the first Bitcoin related company to be seed funded entirely by Bitcoins from a small group of enthusiasts. The first Bitcoin ATM was purchased with bitcoin funds using Tradehill’s innovative vendor invoice processing system."

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