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= Bioecon is a peer to peer, growth sensitive, decentralized and self regulated economic agreement in which the means of exchange is produced by the people.


"TODAY IT IS POSSIBLE TO CREATE TOGETHER AN ECONOMY WITHOUT USING MONEY. Bioecon provides the necessary tools so that we can make it at local, regional and global scales."


"To the extent that we are all capable of producing and consuming, it can be done WITHOUT MONEY. Bioecon provides the tools for the exchange between individuals, stores and industries, at local, regional and global scales, behaving as producers and consumers at the same time. Consumers in Bioecon are actively engaged in the production of the goods, services and knowledge offered.

In Bioecon you can decide which way to go according to your philosophy and the ways in which you prefer to relate with others:

- freely giving and freely receiving through shared consumption functionalities (no exchange involved)

- direct reciprocity

- peer to peer trade using Bioecon points as a tool for multirreciprocal exchanges or a combination of the 3." (



Apart from producing things to offer to the moneyless marketplace, you can put into circulation what you have not used over the recent times but can become useful to others, helping to create a social and economic agreement that is rational and responsible with resources.

Through facilitating alternative distribution channels, Bioecon also aims to diminish the amount of waste produced.

Bioecon provides features that match needs and offerings among people, according to their different account settings, and provides a venue for the successful completion of the exchanges.

The system finds matching needs for your offerings and matching offerings for your needs.

It also suggests you contacts to build your micromarkets according to your offerings, needs, location, and degrees of separation from other persons within the Bioecon community.

Bioecon provides all necessary tools to communicate, share, recommend, invite, and meet other people within the network.


When you register at Bioecon, you will receive your first points to get started.

The number of points existing and in circulation in Bioecon is directly related to the number of active participants and their level of activity.

Points are not valid as money and cannot be exchanged for money.

Learn more about Bioecon point system:

Today there is absolutely no reason why we couldn´t have a system in which people, as we engage in more and more activity, produce more means of exchange, and in which there is an inherent connection between the total quantity of means of exchange in the system and the volume of goods and services being exchanged. Points have an oxidation schedule so as to disappear automatically when not put into circulation after a certain time. In this way, Bioecon is an economic agreement that concentrates on use values, rather than exchange values, as the means of exchange will disapear when not being used.

Conventional money has three basic functions: as a means of circulation, as a measure of value and as a means of saving. Bioecon points fulfill only the first of these functions but not the other two.


Bioecon is a moneyless economy dependent upon members building relationships with each other in their communities.

It is about enabling people to make meaningful connections with each other, using technology to match offerings with needs in more democratic and integrating ways.

In Bioecon a record is maintained of your activities and the feedbacks and reports received and left. You can decide to leave the Activity Level thermometer visible in your profile so that you can connect with trustworthy people you don´t know yet, to bring into play all sort of production possibilities and to create all kinds of moneyless marketplaces based on each others reliability, at the local as well as the non-local.

The technology is available to do all kinds of things. But the point here is not really the technology. It is the human decision to enjoy the fruits of the technologies we created to make eye-contact with people." (