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  • Environmental Justice Atlas: Impressive use of lots of data, mapping and open-source infrastructure to map out the connections between global environmental justice struggles. [1]
  • Inside Airbnb: A project related to that how big data could be used by social movements. It seeks the publicly accessible data from AirBNB to map and chart its impacts on property prices. [2]
  • Mailpile: Mailpile is an e-mail client, a search engine and a personal webmail server. A project to rescue our personal lives from the proprietary cloud. [3]
  • New Cloud Atlas: The New Cloud Atlas is a global effort to map each data place that makes up the cloud in an open and accountable way. [4]
  • You Broke The Internet: Theory and Practice of a completely encrypted and obfuscated new Internet stack, enabling us to unfold a carefree digital living. [5]
  • User Data Manifesto 2.0: Defining basic rights for people to control their own data in the internet age. Control

over user data access. Knowledge of how the data is stored. [6]