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= a website that promotes sustainable re-use through the sharing of existing resources. It means we can share resources with our local community through lending and borrowing, rather than buying, as well as earning some extra income by lending, saving money by borrowing and being kind to the planet.



"Favorite Bid & Borrow success story so far…

was when we were invited to pitch for funding from the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Development Challenge Fund - we won! That means we have government funding and support to roll out the Bid & Borrow ‘One Million Person Sharing Plan’ across Wales. This is brilliant news for us, the communities across Wales and for the sharing economy.

The biggest challenge to overcome is…

behaviour change. In the UK particularly, we are in love with stuff - with shopping, acquiring and owning. Our awareness, attitudes and intentions are certainly shifting and leading the way for new, more sustainable behaviours that favour accessibility, community, relationships and services. It’s taking action that ultimately counts." (