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= influential Belgian monetary reformer, author of the Mystery of Money



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"Bernard Lietaer is an economist and author. He studies monetary systems and promotes the idea that communities can benefit from creating their own local or Complementary currency, which circulate parallel with national currencies.

Bernard Lietaer, the author of "The Future of Money: Beyond Greed and Scarcity" (London: Random House, 2001) and the forthcoming "Of Human Wealth," has been active in the realm of money systems for over 25 years in a wide variety of functions. While at the Central Bank in Belgium (National Bank of Belgium) he implemented the convergence mechanism (ECU) to the single European currency system. During that period, he also served as President of Belgium’s Electronic Payment System. His consultant experience in monetary aspects on four continents ranges from multinational corporations to developing countries. He co-founded one of the largest and most successful currency funds, becoming its General Manager and Currency Trader.

Lietaer currently lives in Boulder, Colorado and teaches at the Marpa Center for Business and Economics at Naropa University. His academic history includes an Assistant Professorship of International Finance at the University of Louvain in Belgium. He was also a Research Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Resources of the University of California, Berkeley.

He is the originator of a complementary currency called the Terra."



"The masonic background to Bernard Lietaer's non-monetary writings:

"The previously unknown Bernard Lietaer

In his text “Credentials of a Flying Fish” Bernard Lietaer explained why he was so “passionate about supporting the evolution of our money system”: it best served his life-long search for “the highest leverage place for improving all other systems”.The foundation for this approach was his view that everything is energy. And Bernard worked ceaselessly trying to positively influence the energy flows of this world for the better (find his own description of this in the interviews with Tesa Silvestre from 2008).He studied the energy systems of the earth’s surface as a major influence on the planet and all life on it, and researched how they have been used all over the world, in different cultures throughout time, to reinforce the effect of sacred buildings – from temples in South America, to the Egyptian pyramids and gothic cathedrals. As an advanced member of Freemasonry, he had access to much esoteric (meaning: non-public) insights about such energies, sacred geometry, and similar traditions of knowledge and practice. Throughout his life, he pursued this part of his work in secret, even though he considered it foundational for his visible work in reforming money and finance. He was afraid that there would be little understanding or even repercussions from the world of economics and the general public. Consequently, for the small number of essays and articles he published on such topics, he used the pseudonym René de Bartiral (an anagram of his name Bernard Lietaer). Towards the end of his life he decided, together with other Freemasons, that it was time to make much of the “secret” knowledge available to the public. This unusual step was taken in hope that it would contribute to the resolution of the pressing issues facing our world today. Another reason was the fear of some aspects of this knowledge being misused against the best interest of all, if it was available to a few initiated people only. When, only a few weeks before his death, he was asked whether he would agree to a comprehensive biography being written about him, he wholeheartedly agreed for that very reason. He wanted all parts of his life’s work to become known and, above all, to show the connections between the different fields that he so passionately researched."


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