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"Beatriz Busaniche is a member of the Fundacion Via Libre ( She is also a founding member of Wikimedia Argentina, local chapter of Wikimedia Foundation. She has a Mass Communication Degree from National University of Rosario, and is currently a part time professor at Social Sciences Faculty, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She's preparing her Master Degree on Intellectual Property at FLACSO Argentina. Her complete resume in english is available here She maintains a personal blog at and a collective blog on free culure at


Journals and papers

  • Comments on “Issue Papers”. UN Working Group on Internet Governance. Vía Libre Foundation & Free Software Foundation Europe on “Intellectual Property Rights” and “Cybersecurity and Cybercrime” Online at­Papers.html (2005)

  • “Between Words and Actions: Civil Society and Education at World Summit on Information Society”, Beatriz Busaniche – Diego Levis. ITID Information Technologies and International Development, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) together with Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School. Volume 1, Issue 3­4 (Spring/Summer 2004) Pages 97­99 (2003 ) ISSN:1544­7529

Books (editing and contributions)

  • Editor and contributor, “Argentina Copyleft. La crisis del modelo de derecho de autor y las prácticas para democratizar la cultura”. Heinrich Böll Foundation. Vía Libre Foundation Editores. (2010) ISBN 978­987­22486­7­3
  • Editor and contributor, “Libres de monopolios sobre el conocimiento y la vida. Hacia una convergencia de movimientos” (Southern Cone edition). 2009. ISBN 978­987­22486­6­6
  • Contributor, “Apropriações Tecnológicas ­ Emergência de textos, idéias e imagens do Submidialogia#3” karla Brunet. Edufba, Salvador Brazil (2008) Online at (In Portuguese)
  • Editor and contributor, “MABI: Monopolios Artificiales sobre Bienes Intangibles” Via Libre Foundation (2007) http://­content/uploads/2007/03/mabi.pdf (In Spanish) ISBN 978­987­22486­2­8
  • Contributor, Saperi del Futuro – Analisi di donne sulla societá della comunicazione. Editrice Missionaria Italiana. Bologna. Italia. (2006). (In Italian)
  • Contributor, Democracia y Ciudadanía en la Sociedad de la Información: Desafíos y articulaciones regionales. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Compilation. (2005). (In Spanish)