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= fully distributed, p2p 'ecommerce' software aimed at globally active SME's, developed in Spanish so far



David de Ugarte:

"Bazar is free software (libresoftware), is distributed (no central control, censorship or appropriation is possible under this architecture) and it is focused in the creation of markets.

How do we understand «markets»? As a bazaar. In our culture a market it is not only about prices and sellings. The market is where you find p2p justice (I would love to show you this very particular institutions still living in some Spanish and Moroccian markets), where students go for listening the philosofers and agitators and where you go also for listening the storytellers or having a coffee with friends talking about business, life, love and everything else while a fortuneteller promises you a good marriage. Many of us, the «indianos», still grew in markets like this in Venezuela, Andalucia or Northern Africa. Market was real p2p life. So why not to translate it to the virtual world through libresoftware?

That is «Bazar» and even it is just starting the test groups, every reaction until the moment in Chile, Extremadura (a peasant's region of Spain) and now Asturias, shows it will become soon a kind of «market's revolt» We have a lot of hope in it." (email, 2/2011)