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Basic Income Studies, new journal


1. Journal Announcement

"Basic Income Studies", a new academic journal devoted to basic income.

"Basic Income Studies: An International Journal of Basic Income Research" (BIS) is a new international journal devoted to the critical discussion of and research into universal basic income and related policy proposals. BIS is published by The Berkeley Electronic Press and edited by an international team of scholars, with support from Red Renta Básica, the Basic Income Earth Network and the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network. The inaugural issue of BIS appeared in June 2006 with articles by Joel Handler and Amanda Sheely Babcock, Michael W. Howard, Yannick Vanderborght, and a retrospective on Robert van der Veen and Philippe Van Parijs's seminal article on "A Capitalist Road to Communism". The retrospective includes a reprint of the original article and a set of specially written comments by Gerald Cohen, Erik Olin Wright, Doris Schroeder, Catriona McKinnon, Harry Dahms, and Andrew Williams, together with a specially written reply by the authors.

BIS is currently inviting contributions from academic scholars, researchers, policy-makers and welfare advocates on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the universal welfare debate. The editors are interested in publishing research articles, book reviews, and short, accessible commentaries discussing aspects of basic income or a closely related topic. BIS accepts research from all main academic disciplines, and welcomes research that pushes the debate into previously uncharted areas. BIS aims to promote the research of young scholars as well as seasoned researchers, and the editors particularly welcome contributions from non-Western countries.

For more information, please visit our website at or contact the editors, Jurgen De Wispelaere and Karl Widerquist, at [email protected]. Scholars who want to have their books considered for review or who would like to review a book for BIS should contact Sandra González Bailón at [email protected].

2. Basic Income Links

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