Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival

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andreu meixide:

"The BccN Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival, the first film festival focused on Creative Commons understanding the license as a tool (not a purpose) which is part of an approach and individual/collective political position that, at the same time, tries to match the free culture philosophy and the commons with cinema and audiovisual. Through practical experimentation, this leads to new models of positive relationship with Internet logics and the common benefit.

During 2012 we also applied to the own festival a CC license promoting the CCWorld Audiovisual Commons Net, a global net with local festivals self-sustainables copy-derivated of the Barcelona's ones and spread in different towns and cities all around the world, specially in Latin-American countries. We are more than 30 festivals sharing and collaborating in a decentralized the knowledge and sources and connecting communities, messages and struggles through the audiovisual language. There are festivals in Madrid, Valladolid, Bogotá, Medellín, Sevilla, Donosti, Leon, Huesca, Almeria, Cali, Lima, Helsinki, Montevideo, ciudad de México, Sofia, Buenos Aires, Barranquilla, Santiago de Chile, etc… " (Commonswatch mailing list, November 2016)