Barcelona City Council Open Digitisation Plan

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"The Barcelona City Council Open Digitisation Plan defines a process of profound, progressive change in the way the city will develop and offer its services to its citizens. It aims for radical improvement in digital public services, based on our Ethical Digital Standards, including in particular the use of free software, open standards, data sovereignty, developing digital services in an agile manner, and ensuring privacy, ethics and security by design.

This is a decisive change that puts people first in the design of government services and reinforces their digital rights. The City strives for technological sovereignty for full control of its ICT services and infrastructures, and the ethical use of data to be more open and transparent, while delving data sovereignty to citizens. Agile development methodologies will make the City’s digital services more effective and by transforming public contracting, the City will promote innovation in local industry, strengthening small and medium-sized technology companies.

Through the open data and data commons strategies, and the use of free software tools, Barcelona aims to guarantee improvements in transparency and interoperability based on open data formats and a set of interoperable and reusable applications and services, while adopting privacy-enhancing and rights-preserving technologies that protects’ citizens information-self-determination.This will lay the foundations for a people-centric digital future, so that cities can access a policy toolkit that will enable them to develop technologies and platforms based on citizens’ rights to bring long term societal innovation." (