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"The Bank of the Commons’ mission is to facilitate a transition to an ethical post-capitalist space to gradually free us from the control of the current banking system, replacing it by a growing, fair, self-managed system. We want to rethink money and finances as commons.

We intend to build a financial alternative linked to the official banking system, in order to combine both until the new one is strong enough.

This project is for and by the 99%, bringing a breath of fresh air to society in opposition to the murky and opaque world of finances today. Transparency, ethics, self management and the logic of commons are the keys that will let us open the broken safe and escape from the rules of the mainstream banking system." (


"Bank of the Commons is an open cooperative initiative to transform banking, payments and currencies, in order to support the economy used in cooperative and social movements both at a global and a local level. We are building another economy for a better society.

Bank of the Commons adopts FairCoin as a strategic global social currency and blockchain technology upon which to base the development and adoption of decentralized financial structures for the Commons.

Legally, it is based on the networking process of existing cooperative structures in different parts of the world, and on the creation of an European Cooperative Society in Italy, which will take care of the social capital invested in Bank of the Commons, providing it with an independent legal status.

From the 7th of June 2017 onwards, Bank of the Commons will open its doors, to begin to offer banking services to our first members as a beta stage. So that this can be possible from the very first day, Bank of the Commons has partnered with the local Catalan financial coop CASX, involved in the ecosystem of the Catalan Integral Cooperative

The full activity, involving the European Cooperative Society, will begin in September 2017.

Bank of the Commons combines the open assembly methodology (that has characterized movements like 15M, Occupy and the integral cooperatives) with professional work in areas such as economics, accounting, programming, management, legal issues or communication." (