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= "a Dutch initiative, with the target to eventually issue an alternative currency and to run a bank that works without charging interest, and that does not loan out money unless they have it".



"Who are we?

B of Joy is a citizens initiative of professionals, who are forming a sustainable, cooperative, fair-trade, savings- and investment bank. We have experience in financial organizations and are experts on our own specialist field. The initiative is of, for and by the people. We ourselves are the change. B of Joy helps with the positive growth of both awareness and the economy, and puts the citizens and society first. Through B of Joy, a cooperative bank is being formed that has as its goals a just society and a healthy economy. In this our starting point is abundance instead of shortages.

What do we stand for?

Saving, investment and yield with B of Joy. Unlike the current banks we do not, as a full reserve bank, lend out more money than we have received. Next to Financial returns, B of Joy also gives Ecological, Emotional and Social (F.E.E.S) returns. We invest in local economies, in innovation and in Small and Medium Enterprises. The backbone and motor of the economy. The B of B of Joy doesn’t only stand for bank. It stands also for Awareness, Citizen and Movement.

As soon as the Movement is big enough, we will instigate referenda, so that citizens can determine policies themselves. For example: in Switzerland all citizens can vote on important issues. B of Joy is of service to people, nature and society. B of Joy doesn’t work with bonuses, interest and speculation. B of Joy guarantees sustainable development and a stable economy. We will turn money back into a means of transaction so that it will serve us again.

How will that work in practice?

With our new form of mortgage one will save in 30 years, on a house costing 230.000 euro, an average of 100.000 euro on interest. By eliminating interest we will become the first truly sustainable financial initiative in the Netherlands.

Through the Bail-free saving- and investment program we protect deposits amounting to 100.000 euro or more against the greedy hands of politicians, the EU and banks. The assets will serve society and will be inflation-proof, because we will compensate for inflationary effects on the euro.

B of Joy members will have access to a fixed value currency (URA), a members marketplace, business guide and collective purchasing power. This will promote connections, save on costs and improve turnover. Every member is part-owner, has a say in the cooperative through 1 vote and a right to share in the returns. How can you take part in the realization of this bank?

For 25 euro or more you are a supporter of the initiative and, if you want, a member for the first year free of charge. For 100 euro you are a part-owner of the bank and you will receive a member certificate that in the future can give yield. By taking part you help create a just society based on abundance. For ourselves, for our children and the future of our world. Will you join us?"