Autonomous Projects of Collective Initiative

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= cooperatives associated with the principles of the Catalan Integral Cooperative



"Autonomous Projects of Collective Initiative are projects that are in terms with the principles of the CIC (like the rest of the members, projects and initiatives) and depend on an agreement with the assembly of the cooperative that normally implies the use of a transferred or obtained asset under very profitable conditions, under rent or lease/purchase: buildings, land, vehicles, machinery … They are autonomous because they are self-organized on the principle of autonomy and solidarity and function through their own sovereign assembly. They are collectivized because a cooperative legal form ensures collective ownership of the property that cannot be speculated with. The sovereign assembly, together with the assembly of the CIC, ensure these facts."



  1. Ca l’Afou in Cabrera d’Anoia
  2. SOM Communitat in Pujarnol Pla de L’Estany
  3. Roig21 – Address: C \ Roig, 21 Raval, Barcelona (Barcelonès)


  1. AureaSocial -Open Space for Integral Revolution
  2. BUS Cooperatiu, e-mail: [email protected]
  3. CIRI: Integral Installation and Rheabilitaion Cooperative
  4. Eh Com Vulguis – e-mail: [email protected] – Address: C\ Mare de Deu de Montserrat, 12, #L’Hospitalet
  5. Infospai – Address: Plaza del Sol 19-20 Gracia, Barcelona
  6. L’art du Soleil Self-sufficient caravan