Autobiography of Arthur Young

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* Book: Nested Time: An Astrological Autobiography. ‎ Anodos Foundation , 2004



“In this book you have the opportunity to witness the harmonious medley of thoughts, both practical and esoteric, of an iconoclastic mind searching for meaning in a life dedicated to pushing back the frontiers of human knowledge. Nested Time is really two books in one. Arthur Young's autobiographical narrative is intriguing, humane, and humorous. The astrological commentary can be read together with the main text, or separately as an extended meditation on this ancient sacred science. In sidenotes and sidebars to the text, Arthur offers his speculations upon the astrological correlates to important events in his life. For readers interested in learning astrology, Appendix One provides a clear, concise exposition of its purpose, language, and techniques. For those who have no interest in astrology, skipping over the sidenotes will not interfere with the flow of the narrative. I recommend, however, that you dip into this astrological material to savor the richness of Young's philosophical reflections on fate and free will, the nature of relationship, the cycles that spin through our lives, and more.”