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Scales of theory follow closely with scopes of inquiry. Historically, there have been theories which are produced by disciplinary research and practice, and metatheories which are mostly produced by interdisciplinarity research and practice. Everyone knows what a theory is – a proposition about what is true with supporting evidence. Metatheory can mean different things to different people. Metatheory can be a theory applied to itself, or a theory about one or more other theories. When metatheories broaden to include all known theories and fit them together into a unified framework, they become unification metatheories. We are introducing a new term, called archtheory. An archtheory is a proposition about how to fit together unification metatheories with supporting evidence. When doing archdisciplinary comparative analysis, universal congruencies or archetypal universal patterns that hold across unification metatheories are found, called arches. Arches are the means in which unification metatheories are fitted together, and the basis in which archtheories are made. Arches are good candidates for natural laws."


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