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"Scopes of inquiry are like containers for each scale of theory. For scopes of inquiry, the sequence of its growth has been as follows. In academia there are a wide diversity of disciplines, each with their own respective theories and practices. A discipline can borrow from another discipline, but it stays grounded in its roots. When people do research and practices with multiple disciplines together jointly, it’s called interdisciplinarity. When people do research and practices and draw from all known disciplines, it’s called transdisciplinarity. We are introducing a new term, called archdisciplinarity. Archdisciplinarity is when people do research and practice at a scope that stretches across transdisciplinary approaches. Archdisciplinarity is not an ideology, it is a scope of academic inquiry." (

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"Archdisciplinarity is here introduced as the academic inquiry that treats big picture, transdisciplinary, theory of everything, unification metatheories as units of analysis for comparison and contrast. Foundations of Archdisciplinarity is a free booklet that provides an in-depth look at the evolution of human knowledge – where we came from, where we are at, and where we’re going."