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  1. Abdulla, R., A. (2007). The Internet in the Arab world: Egypt and beyond. Peter Lang Publishing.

Wireless Networking in the Developing World - Arabic Edition

From the publisher:

"The Arab world is in an urgent need today for effective solutions to address the challenges of providing communication services and Internet connectivity. Evidence shows that complex and expensive solutions are often doomed to fail, and that simpler, low cost alternatives should be actively pursued to enable everyone without discrimination to enjoy the fruits of the emerging information and communication technology revolution.

Wireless technologies offer an attractive option to satisfy the communication and networking requirements in all environments, particularly rural and remote areas where the feasibility of wired communications infrastructures is questionable. These technologies have been exploited creatively in innovative projects to grant access to the wealth of information available in the Internet to millions of people around the world, in addition to creating unique opportunities for dialogue, learning and work.

This book provides an excellent introduction to the most important theoretical concepts required to understand the behaviour of wireless networks, in addition to practical guidance on how to apply these concepts to design and build low cost wireless networks. It also offers plenty of expert advice to help the reader avoid many problems and save time. Moreover, the book contains several case studies to demonstrate the feasibility of wireless technologies in real world situations.

This book is the corner stone for an ambitious project to bring wireless networks, along with its promises and potential, to the Arab region, to overcome the language barrier and reach out to everyone who would like to learn or contribute to the use of these technologies in building an equitable knowledge society. As of today, this project contains:

  • “Wireless Networking: A Primer”: a short guide for the essential concepts in wireless networking and how they could be applied in designing and building wireless networks
  • Multi Media Training Kit – Wireless Networking in Arabic: an excellent supplement to the book for educational, training and capacity building purposes
  • The Arabic Wireless Networking in the Developing World website: the meeting point for wireless enthusiasts in the Arab world. The website includes a discussion forum and references to several real world projects

To maximise its reach, the book is released free of charge under a Creative Commons Atribution-ShareAlike license, which allows anyone to freely download, copy, update or redistribute the book.

This work was supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and, translated by Anas TAWILEH and reviewed by Dr. Adel El ZAIM.

Website of the Arabic edition:

Website of the English edition (and other languages):"