Appreciative Leadership Skills

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"People move in the direction of their conversations. So, for example, when people come together to discuss common issues, it matters how we frame the conversation. Some years ago, David Cooperrider at Case Western Reserve University, develop the practice of appreciative inquiry to guide large scale change in organizations.

Civic leaders are emerging who adopt a number of different roles:

Champion: A leader who sees an innovation and commits to realizing its potential.

Captain: A leader who guides a team through a complex, multi-stage development process.

Coach: A leader who demonstrates how new civic skills -- and the practice of "strategic doing" -- can accelerate collaboration and innovation.

Convenor: A leader who is able to engage interested parties in an extended conversation to identify new ideas and convert them into action.

Connector: A leader who consistently sees new connections in the civic space and who takes steps to develop stronger networks by "closing triangles". (