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Michael Karnjanaprakorn:

"Today, you advance in the world based on your performance, not a piece of paper declaring your expertise in "knowing a little about a lot of things." Employers are hiring for specific, narrow skills that aren’t fully learned in college, and they’re thinking, "What else have you done other than go to college?" when they field monotonously similar resumes.

There’s proof of a new anti-resume: my company, Skillshare, as well as Kickstarter, Mzinga, and The Unreasonable Institute refuse resumes from job applicants. Links are the new CVs, portfolios aren’t just for artists anymore, and experience reigns. The most important skill we’ll have in a world where 50% of people see self-employment as more secure than having a full-time job is the ability to go out and get the right knowledge for the right purpose at the right time. But it won’t be worth peas if there’s no way to measure the yield of our efforts." (

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