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1. Pat Conaty:

" Ann Pettifor founded and led the Jubilee Campaign to cancel third world debt. Her book The Coming First World Debt Crisis accurately predicted the 2008 crash. See her Huffington Post profile and a series of columns she has written for the Guardian newspaper."


"Ann Pettifor's work and writing has concentrated on the international financial architecture, the sovereign debts of the poorest countries, and the rise in sovereign, corporate and private debt in OECD economies. Her latest book, Just Money: how society can break the despotic power of finance was published by Commonwealth in 2014. She is well known for her leadership of an organisation Jubilee 2000, that placed the debts of the poorest countries on the global political agenda, and brought about both substantial debt cancellation, and radical policy changes, at national and international levels. In 2003 she edited the new economics foundation's ‘The Real World Economic Outlook’ (Palgrave) with a prescient sub-title: ‘the legacy of globalisation: debt and deflation’. In 2006 Palgrave published her book: “The coming first world debt crisis”. In 2008 she co-authored “The Green New Deal” and in 2010 co-authored an essay with Professor Victoria Chick: “The economic consequences of Mr. Osborne.” (v)

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