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Ann Marie Utratel is a co-founder of Guerrilla Translation [1], a P2P translation collective and cooperative founded in Spain in 2013.

Ann Marie is also a project development coordinator for the P2P Foundation, contributing to projects such as the Commons Transition platform, e-book and wiki, and the ongoing development of the Open Cooperativism and Commons-Based Reciprocity License (CopyFair) projects, among other activities. Her specialty is writing, editing, proofreading and translating: web content, full-length books, project/grant proposals, essays, articles, white papers, flyers/brochures, and more.

She also helps connect an ever-widening network of people involved in forward-thinking communities including the P2P/Commons movement, activism, cryptocurrency, open licensing, environmentalism, the collaborative economy, free/libre and open source, cooperativism, and more.

As of February 2015, she has joined Platoniq and as a communications coordinator, also as a liaison with the European Cultural Foundation as an ECF Network Hubs correspondent in the Connected Actions for the Commons network.

As of October 2015, she has joined P2Pvalue in communications strategy and implementation.

A native New Yorker now living in Madrid, Spain, Ann Marie enjoys all the usual pleasures of life, and more when practical.

Twitter: @AMUtratel