Andrius Kulikauskas

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Andrius Kulikauskas is an experienced organizer of independent thinkers, social entrepreneurs and open content activists. He's broad and deep as an investigator and thus able to engage and promote a wide variety of researchers. He's an active creative artist and appreciate the challenges of applying that creativity.

In 1998, he founded Minciu Sodas , an online laboratory for serving and organizing independent thinkers around the world. They have more than 150 active and 3,000 supportive participants around the world. He has served about thirty clients as an organizer, researcher, programmer, producer, writer, narrator, translator and editor. All of these projects have led to Public Domain content or open source software.

In 2002, he coauthored (with David Ellison-Bey) "An Economy for Giving Everything Away". He explained how Jesus's principle of "giving everything away" leads to a criteria of "best use" and a calculus of "minimizing anxiety" that coexists with and also extends the classical economy of "maximizing happiness". The multi-dimensional negotiation of "best use" means that "wealth is relationships" and the latter maxim is a helpful guide in designing business models, especially those that leverage open content. From this perspective, he then analyzed six markets for open source software and noted the wealth they generated. He won a travel award to Bangalore, India to present this paper at MIT Media Lab's Think Cycle's Development by Design conference. Chris Messina later cited this paper as an influence on the open character of the Bar Camp movement.