Andrianna Natsoulas

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= author of the book Food Voices, interviewing farmers and land and food activists on Food Sovereignity issues


"Throughout the past ten years, Andrianna has coordinated with the global food sovereignty movements to protect local food production and distribution, fight trade agreements and build alliances. She has participated in protests around the world from Washington, DC to Cancun to Geneva to Hong Kong and has stood shoulder to shoulder with farmers and fisherfolk to defend their rights to provide local and culturally appropriate food for their communities.

Andrianna served on the International Steering Committee (ISC) for Nyeleni 2007: The World Forum on Food Sovereignty. Nyeleni united over 800 people from around the world representing farmers, fisherfolk, environmental movements, nomads, indigenous peoples and the youth to strengthen and deepen the global understanding of food sovereignty. The end results were a declaration and six pillars of food sovereignty that address two crucial questions: What Are We Fighting For? and What are we Fighting Against? The declaration and six pillars continue to be used to advance the food sovereignty movement.

In 1999, Andrianna moved to Washington, D.C. to join the Marine Fish Conservation Network and help build the new organization through outreach, program development and technical assistance. She did not expect to stay in D.C. for more than two years, but ended up making it her home for nearly ten years. Following the Marine Fish Conservation Network, Andrianna worked for Greenpeace as a researcher and campaigner for their marine campaign; Public Citizen as an international field director to fight industrial agriculture; and, then she created and directed the fisheries program at Food & Water Watch. Andrianna also served as the Food Justice and Markets Coordinator for the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance where she worked with fishing communities from Maine to New York. Currently, she is consulting for local, regional and national organizations and living in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Andrianna also loves fishing for salmon on a small commercial troller, called The Gavia in Southeast Alaska." (