Ana Von Teschenhausen

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Ana holds a BA in Letters (cultural studies, linguistics, Portuguese language and literature) and a License degree (Lic.) in education from the University of Sao Paulo, and a MA in Global Studies from the University of Leipzig and from the University of Vienna. Through an intership in UNITAR during her MA studies in 2013, she got involved with citizen science projects, which became the entering point for a long journey discovering the p2p and the commons.

Her MA Thesis thesis named "In The Crowd We Trust - Role and Challenges of Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science in the Context of the Data Revolution: An Interdisciplinary Approach", tackles from an interdisciplinary perspective, the challenges of crowdsourcing and citizen science (also citizen journalism and other participatory approaches for data/information collection and analysis) by unveiling the underlying role of trust and accountability relations within bureaucratic structures in shaping the current scenario of organizational and institutional prejudice towards citizen-generated data. The thesis is also contextualized within the technological and socio-political landscapes of latent paradigms (commons-based p2p) and also of the ruling paradigm, particularly focusing on the discourse of the post-2015 agenda and the data revolution. Currently Ana is working as an independent researcher focusing on two main topics: (1) the rediscovery and restoration of knowledge as an ubiquitous commons, inspired by Foucault’s work on subjugated knowledges and emphasizing the role of trust*; and on (2) a project proposal linking her two main interests (latent paradigm shifts and environmental protection) for community-based forest monitoring, which shall be 100% driven by the p2p and commons rationale and based on the newest technological solutions, from drones to cryptocurrencies. The proposal for the latter has been developed as a final work for the UNEP international post-graduation course on environmental management for developing countries, which she is currently attending.