Amoeba Organization

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The amoeba organization of Kyocera Corporation:

"Another example of an amoeba organization can be found in the Japanese Kyocera Corporation that reorganized its 50 divisions into 400 amoebas (Figure 1) [9]. Amoebas in this company are self-organizing units that are responsible for their own business. Every amoeba has its own finance and human resource management. Amoebae do business together in an internal market environment, and are constantly in search for better customers. Depending on the situation in the environment they can be divided into smaller units or integrated with other amoebae [10; pp. 179-202].

The amoeba organization represents an organizational suprastructure [11; pp. 129-131] that is founded upon autonomy, flexibility and self-management [12, p. 263]. One can also observe that an amoeba organization does not exist by itself but is incorporated into some type of hierarchical structure [12; p. 264] which implies its superstructural nature." (