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"Amanda Jansen is OuiShare connector Netherlands & freelancer and involved in two cutting edge decentralized startups: Foundups and Noomap & Synergy Space Network based in Japan and the Netherlands.

Amanda is a originally a social worker and a senior advisor for municipalities and govs. Four years ago she became involved in the collaborative economy movement of OuiShare and the P2P Foundation. She organized hackathons on p2p solutions and collaboration from a completely open source perspective, OuiShare meetups and a satellite event of OuiShare Fest and co-organized the Peer Value Conference in Amsterdam. She specializes in p2p dynamics, digitalization issues and collaboration as a core topic in all that she does.

Currently she is a vlogger for the global emergence & abundance fest at Synergy Hub 1.0 Rotterdam during the month of October as well as involved in FLOW: a movement to bring across teal for organizations and a deeper connection within.

Amanda teaches at a Master of Science on Information & Management about commons and p2p dynamics and information management and collaboration techniques.

As the next phase of p2p she sees a global connection of nodes that are currently connected by several initiatives that aim to unite movements and create a seed crystal or social body that can be scaled globally. With this movement commons initiatives move out of the shadows or margins of the regular economy. The focus now is aimed at a changing consciousness and telepathical tooling with software applications such as Noomap. Scaling non invasive tech & growing awareness is her next expertise."

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