Allianza Solidaria

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John Restakis:

"The Co-operative Housing Alliance is a co-operative organization in southern Quito which for twenty -five years has been implementing a project of housing and community development on thirty-six acres of land is collectively owned.

The current facility is located directly opposite the Quitumbe Terminal. Allianza Solidaria is one of the largest housing co-operatives in Ecuador and the first housing co-operative that is successfully developing an integrated proposal for habitat, community and housing in the country.

The co-operative has completed the construction of a community for 500 families and is completing the construction of 800 additional homes. From an old landfill, the co-op has created a community park, which is currently managed by the community.

The projection of the Allianza Solidaria includes the completion of an additional 500 housing units in the area and the development of a major shopping center, a public plaza, and a community service center on site."