Alexandre Lemille

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"Alexandre leads discussions around a so-called ‘Circular Economy 2.0’ and its Circular Humansphere where he embeds two missing dimensions: the social dimension and a systemic approach of value creation. His proposals aim at advancing faster towards human development (Amartya Sen), the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Doughnut Economics.

He is also involved in private projects or public programs (Horizon 2020, Nexus, development banks, SDGs, sustainable development, university research, CSR) with the aim of rethinking the way we live, work and share. Sectors covered are education, job creation, water/soil/waste nexus, circular textiles, social entrepreneurship, rural communities, agrofood & resilient cities.

He lectures in equitable circular economy (#CircularEconomy2) at several Universities (Sciences Po Paris, ENSAIT Textile Engineers, Bradford UK, UCT Cape Town & others)."

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