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I'm a strategist and change agent with an increasing interest in academia. I have management experience in some 18 countries worldwide, from multinationals to Government and start-ups. There's a quick biog here. I'm 49. I've been interested and working with social / P2P technologies since 2004.

Areas of Work

Since 2000, as founder of StrategyWorks, I work closely with CEOs, CIOs and senior Government, primarily as an external strategist and change agent.

I'm conducting PhD research at the University of Hull. I'm interested in blogging as a disruptor of media hegemonies.

Current Projects

I'm constantly running workshops on the strategic use of web 2.0 technologies. I'm particularly interested in their applicability within public organisations with aspirations to open government.


I've just finished a chapter on online tribes for a book on inclusive communities.


My email is [email protected]

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