Alex Foti

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"Alex Foti is a Milanese activist born in 1966. Works on precarity, urban ecology, radical europe. Since 2004, he has promoted a Europe-wide MayDay protesting generational precarity and the persecution of migrants ( A pink wobbly and a green radical, he has co-authored the Middlesex declaration of Europe’s precariat and the Act 4 Radical Europe manifesto. Among his essays: “Euro Flex Workers: Time to Get a Move On!”, “Demoradical vs Demoliberal Regulation”, “The Grid & the Fork: Critical Dynamics of Advanced Capitalism”, “The Pink Rebellion of Copenhagen”, “Taking Stock of Rostock”, “For a Zeroeth Transnational”, “Cryptofascism, spaghetti style”, “NEXT LEFT: European Politics and Movements in the Great Recession”." (