Ale Fernandez

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"Ex-refugee of the pinochet dictatorship in Scotland, and then naturalised Italian and happily Bristolian I migrated to Barcelona where I switched from Web Development and Technical Research into distributed and open source technologies, to working in the cooperativa integral catalana, most recently within the housing cooperative Habitatge Social which works to find social cooperative housing for CIC members.

Founding member of Hackspace Bristol and the Orchestra Cube in Bristol. Worked with Barcelona en Transicio and Transition Bristol, and have made many websites for all sorts of social movements and transition or permaculture related projects. Worked as an events manager in the Cube Cinema Bristol, where I organised a cycle of free talks and events, and a city wide bike creativity festival called Noisy Bike Parade. Most recently I organised ShareFest Barcelona, where we built a stage from recycled materials, voluntary work and local/organically sourced food."

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