Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

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Albert-Laszlo Barabasi [1]is one of the most important researchers in network theory.

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BARABÁSI, Albert-László (2010): Bursts: the hidden pattern of behind everyting we do

BARABÁSI, Albert-László et allia (2006): Structure and tie strengths in mobile communication networks

BARABASI, Albert et all (2006): Evolution of the social network of scientific collaborations

BARABÁSI, Albert-László, WUCHTY, Stefan & RAVASZ, Erszébet (2003): The arquichiteture of biological networks

BARABASI, Albert (2002): Linked (Versão Completa)

BARABASI, Albert & ALBERT, Réka (2002): Statistical mechanics of complex networks

BARABÁSI, Albert-László & ALBERT, Réka (1999): Emergence of scaling in random networks

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