Alastair Fuad-Luke

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"Alastair Fuad-Luke is Professor of Emerging Design Practices at Aalto University in Helsinki exploring new ways of designing with the city municipality of Lahti, Finland. He has a long history of working in different positions within sustainable design, co-design and design activism. His work explores the potential of these diverse design approaches to encourage a new mutuality between the citizen designer (everyone) and the design professional, revitalising what it means to design. His books include Design Activism (Earthscan, 2009) and The Eco-design Handbook (Thames & Hudson, 2002, 2005, 2009). During his academic career he has helped develop many new Bachelors and Masters courses, the most recent being the MA Entrepreneurship for Creative Practice at Plymouth College of Art, UK. He contributes to several inter-disciplinary design Masters programmes at Aalto University including Creative Sustainability, IDBM and Aalto’s 365wellbeing project for the World Design Capital 2012, while supporting grassroots design initiatives in the Helsinki region."

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