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Aidphone Flybox is a box with an inmarsat terminal, wifi access point and a GSM basestation. It can be shipped easily around the world to provide internet and mobile phone access to indy journalists in a crisis.

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World events don’t stop for anything, even when the Internet is not accessible. We have created a one-box solution that allows independent journalists and activists to have high-speed connectivity to the Internet services they need during times of crisis. Now you can continue to get the story out regardless of government intervention, power outage or line cuts.

Aidphone maintains the equipment, service contracts and technical infrastructure so our customers can remain focused on their work. The Flybox simply arrives via courier (if not carried in) anywhere in the world and the customer uses the simple setup instructions to get connected within 15 minutes.

The Flybox’s wireless services operate within a range of 100m, providing a hotspot for independent journalists to communicate with the outside world. The GSM basestation forwards and receives SMS messages to phones registered to the Flybox. The satellite terminal provides International phone service at competitive rates.

We want you to stay safe in potentially volatile situations, so the Flybox is easily moved or hidden on a moment’s notice. Flybox can even operate some services in a disconnected mode, so you can continue to produce content or send SMS messages that will be forwarded to their destinations when you can get back online.


  • 4 hour internal battery life
  • High-speed Satellite Internet connection (up to 444kbps)
  • Backup modem connection
  • IPSec VPN and Firewall
  • WiFi Access Point
  • GSM Basestation to forward
  • Content services for disconnected operation
  • Simple, easy to use web interface
  • Satellite interface terminates in a VPN to our servers where the outbound traffic is anonymized if needed
  • Satellite connection can be replaced by local Internet connectivity via Ethernet when available


Flybox will be prototyped and field tested with the aim of broad product launch shortly following the validation of the product and the business model.

  • Equipment - $10,000
  • Design Services - $5,000
  • Salaries - $12,000
  • Travel - $5,000
  • Total - $32,000


1- How easy is it to set up? We include a full “Getting Started” sheet that shows any user how to easily get started. Our web-based software helps you with antenna positioning by giving you a direction to point the antenna based on the country you are in. You then simply point the antenna using the built-in compass and listen to the beeps which indicate the signal strength.

2 - How much does bandwidth cost? The solution comes with 700mb of transfer included as part of the monthly membership fee. It also includes 60 minutes of free phone calls. Any usage over that is paid by the user at a discounted rate negotiated with our provider. We can have your credit card number on-file if you like, or we can contact you when the limit is about to be released.

3 - What are the power options? The system is powered by internal batteries, but receptors for A/C mains and D/C power from an external battery (e.g. a car battery directly, or a car cigarette lighter, or solar panels are built in. The internal batteries are easily replaced.

4 - What connectors are used?

All connections are made to the Flybox itself, not to the devices inside. We use positive mating, standard RJ-45, RJ-11 and BNC connectors that can be easily replaced in the field. We also provide a spares kit in the box with all tools included so that any broken components can be replaced on-site.

5 – How do you make it impervious to shipping damage? All of the pieces are tested and hardened for adverse shipping conditions. The box it is transported in is padded and sealed.