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"Agri POD is a design and Sola Roof application created jointly by Richard Nelson, inventor and Bruce Edgar, Architect who have also collaborated for the conceptual development of the Vertical Greenhouse.

The Agri POD is a modular building system that can serve for many kinds of building use; it is a product providing one systematic construction method that allows simplification of manufacturing and standardization of components and materials that will result in reduced cost as the product volume increases. This is a global product that can be adapted with great advantage in any climate or location in the world. This is a commercial product that optimizes the use of Sola Roof technology on a community scale.

The Agri POD is proposed as a platform for establishing social entrepreneurs who are Family Farm or community based. Agri POD is being launched from Norway as a sustainable development initiative for empowerment of communities that are now suffering the impacts of Climate Change and rapid urbanization and find the current agriculture is failing to provide food security." (