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= Berlin-based freelancers collective




"Agora Collective is a Berlin-based experimental center for contemporary practices. Founded in 2011, as an independent project space, Agora expands its mission to prototype an interdisciplinary community in two venues.

Agora is devoted to reflect on alternative models for cultural, social and economical production nowadays, developing a diverse and inclusive programme in the fields of arts, sustainability and beyond." (

2. Christopher D. Cook:

"In Berlin, the Agora Collective provides artists and other creative workers with a shared space and collaborative formats for developing their work. Agora, which was founded as a coworking space in 2011, provides studios for artists and dancers, collaborative artist workshop programs, residencies, and programs that support international artist collaborations.

“Our coworking floors accommodate professionals of all fields, and allow a diverse and active community to flourish in our building,” the group describes on its website.

With strategic partnerships across Europe, and financial assistance from the Nordic Culture Fund and the Swiss Foundation among others, Agora has been able to think big — providing not only coworking spaces and collaborations, but ongoing dialogues and projects that invite new ways of thinking about work and how it should be valued. Agora’s Circular Economy project, for instance, is an extended conversation about ways to re-organize production and consumption to eliminate waste." (