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PhD Theses

PhD Dissertation: Taken Out of Context: American Teen Sociality in Networked Publics. Danah Boyd. [1]

PhD Thesis: Between passion and work: blogging practices of knowledge workers. By Lila Efimova.


Thesis: Marwick, A. (2010). Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Self-Branding in Web 2.0. Ph.D. dissertation, New York University, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. This dissertation on Online Identity is available via

PhD: Civil Society in Sustainability Transitions of Food Systems (Rachael Durrant) SPRU, University of Sussex [2]

Thesis: In good faith: the collaborative culture of Wikipedia. by Joseph M. Reagle Jr. A thesis proposal presented to New York University in fulfillment of the thesis proposal requirement for the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Culture and Communication. New York, USA 2006 [3]


Working title for the PhD research project by Jarkko Moilanen. [4]

Proposed ongoing PhD research thesis: Collaborative production in the material and digital world. By Joon Sang Baek (Ph.D Candidate, Politecnico di Milano, [email protected]), (for?) Ezio Manzini (Full professor, Politecnico di Milano, [email protected])

Master's Theses

MA Thesis: 3D Printing, the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Democratization of Art. Lassi Patokorpi. University of Tampere, School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies, English Philology, April 2014 [5]

A Master's Thesis on the WIPO development agenda, critiquing it from an open/free point of view and proposing a A2K Treaty. Author is Karsten Gerloff. Available online at

MA Digital Publishing Research thesis by @a_lex_i_a

Awakening from Capitalism. An exploration of merit economy as an alternative to a system of crisis. By Nicolás Mendoza. June 2011. This is a thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MA Global Media Communication in The School of Culture and Communication at The University of Melbourne. It was supervised by Dr Robert Hassan

Thesis: Building trust in P2P marketplaces: an empirical analysis of trust systems for the sharing economy. Francesca Pick. [6]

Special Issues of Academic Journals

Special Journal issue: International Journal of Cultural Studies Table of Contents for SPECIAL ISSUE: CO-CREATIVE LABOUR: 1 September 2009; Vol. 12, No. 5. [7]. John Banks and Mark Deuze have edited this special issue.

Research-Based Articles

Article: Matthijs den Besten, Jean-Michel Dalle, and Fabrice Galia. "The Allocation of Collaborative Efforts in Open-Source Software" Information Economics and Policy 20 (2008): 316-322. [8]

Article: Assessing the Radical Democracy of Indymedia: Discursive, Technical, and Institutional Constructions. Victor W. Pickard. Critical Studies in Media Communication. Vol. 23, No. 1, March 2006, pp. 19-38 [9]

Article: Thomas Grund, Christian Waloszek, Dirk Helbing. How Natural Selection Can Create Both Self- and Other-Regarding Preferences, and Networked Minds. Scientific Reports, 2013; 3 DOI: 10.1038/srep01480

Article: Brokerage, Boundary Spanning, and Leadership in Open Innovation Communities. By Lee Fleming (Harvard Business School), David M. Waguespack (University of Maryland) [10]

Full reference: Kostakis, V. & Papachristou, M. (2013). Commons-based peer production and digital fabrication: The case of a RepRap-based, Lego-built 3D printing-milling machine. Telematics & Informatics.

Paper: Commercial providers of infrastructure for collective action online. Case studies comparison: Flickr Corporation model and Wikihow Enterprise model. By Mayo Fuster Morell. For the 3rd Free culture research conference Berlin, October 2010 [11]

Full reference: Kostakis, V. & Drechsler, W. (Forthcoming). Commons-based peer production and artistic expression: Two cases from Greece. New Media & Society.


  • A Large-Scale Study of MySpace: Observations and Implications of Online Social Networks: Here you’ll learn about spam, online deception and MySpace.

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