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= project building a personal online application so you can participate in exchanges of goods and services without intermediaries and currencies

URL = http://abundx.com/


"The AbundX Agent is your personal online representative to help you participate in peer-to-peer exchanges while protecting your privacy and providing a robust reputation system.

The AbundX Agent will enable a multi-way exchange of goods and services without cash or a central authority.

In an Abundant Exchange, or AbundX, you can give something to one person and receive something you value as much or more from another person. The AbundX helps link a circle of people who each give something and receive something in return.

Each person controls an application we call an AbundX Agent, that links with other Agents. People can create an authenticated and secure connection to each other through their Agents. This connection is called peer to peer because no central controller or coordinator is necessary for two Agents to communicate. Every AbundX Agent is equal and no Agent has special powers over other Agents.

In addition to connecting one to one, Agents can connect to a group of Agents, we call a Graph. A message to the Graph can be accessed by any Agent in the Graph. An Abundant Exchange is a Graph of AbundX Agents who wish to exchange goods and services.

A message posted to an AbundX is like posting to a bulletin board. Anyone who has access to the bulletin board can post and read any message, even those created before she became a member.

Messages to an AbundX are offers and needs. AbundX Agents provide tools for sorting, filtering, and posting messages. An AbundX Agent can recognize when it is part of a closed loop of offers and needs. Each AbundX Agents in the circle participates in a distributed transaction that ensures that either everyone agrees to the exchange, or no one is obligated."(http://abundx.com/#description)

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