Abundant Energy Revolution

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* Book: ONE. The New Abundant Energy Revolution & The Power of You. Ray Podder. Arc of Aum Publishing, 2011.

URL = http://www.scribd.com/doc/76819852/Section-1-Sampler-ONE-The-New-Abundant-Energy-Revolution-The-Power-of-You (sampler)


Ray Podder:

"The book is more of a socioeconomic culture hack view on our use of energy, and it highlights emerging technologies otherwise excluded from the mainstream renewable strategy conversation. I do cover suppressed innovations, but do not get into the what if's of The Tesla Papers or other speculation. The primary focus is on technologies like artificial photosynthesis, nano photonics, biochemical processes, DIY fuel cells, local additive manufacturing, crowdsourced innovation and the sharing economy.

This was my first book, and as such I wished I could have said some things more succinctly or eloquently, but even two years after the fact, most of the content is still relevant. The objective of the book was to show the thought process that has brought us to the currently unsustainable systems, and then describe a reverse engineering path to view the challenges differently." (http://www.scribd.com/doc/76819852/Section-1-Sampler-ONE-The-New-Abundant-Energy-Revolution-The-Power-of-You)