Abundance Within Planetary Boundaries

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* Book: Big World, Small Planet. By Jonathan Rockstrom and Mattias Klum. Max Strom, 2015

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""Abundance within planetary boundaries requires a deep mind-shift. Not growth without limits. Not limits to growth, but growth within limits."

We've entered the Anthropocene—the era of massive human impacts on Earth—which redefines our future. Our actions are now threatening to trigger tipping points that could knock the planet out of its stable state. In this book, the authors bring together science, photography, and storytelling to share the latest insights on the necessity, possibility, and opportunities presented by a new development paradigm—abundance within planetary boundaries. Safeguarding the remaining beauty on Earth, and using global sustainability to unleash innovation and build resilience, are at the heart of this new narrative of world growth within Earth's limits. 2015 is the most important year of enviromental decisions in decades. The UN will renew its Millenium goals and world leaders will meet in Paris later in the year to renegotiate the Kyoto Protocol."