AUEB Network Economics and Services Group

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= Greece-based research group specializing in network and 'peer to peer economics' for the telecommunications sector.



"The Network Economics and Services Group belongs to the Theory, Economics and Systems Laboratory of Athens University of Economics and Business. The main activity of our research group lies in bridging the gap between traditional economics and modern telecommunication service technology. It investigates models and concepts where technology, information and economics meet. Our research activity focuses on areas such as economic models for network services, Internet pricing and multicasting, Peer-to-Peer services and architectures, regulation and interconnection, Quality-of-Service management and traffic engineering, e-commerce technologies, and internet software and tools. There is strong collaboration with the Mobile Multimedia laboratory, which is involved in most research areas of wireless, mobile, and multimedia communications and there is important joint work being carried out on pricing and charging mobile and wireless services." (

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