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Prof. Joshua M. Pearce
Hi. I am the Thompson Chair in Information Technology and Innovation at the Thompson Centre for Engineering Leadership & Innovation. I holds appointments at Ivey Business School, the top ranked business school in Canada and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Western University in Canada, a top 1% global university. There I run the Free Appropriate Sustainability Technology (FAST) research group.
My research concentrates on the use of open source appropriate technology (OSAT) to find collaborative solutions to problems in sustainability and to reduce poverty. His research spans areas of engineering of solar photovoltaic technology, open hardware, and distributed recycling and additive manufacturing (DRAM) using RepRap 3-D printing, but also includes policy and economics. My papers are free at  He is the editor-in-chief of HardwareX, the first journal dedicated to open source scientific hardware and the author of the Open-Source Lab:How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs, Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects, and To Catch the Sun, an open source book of inspiring stories of communities coming together to harness their own solar energy, and how you can do it too!

My primary hub in the wikiverse is on Appropedia. Please feel free to drop me a line

The Free Appropriate Sustainability Technology (FAST) research group. is interested in exploring the way solar photovoltaic technology can sustainably power our society and how open-source hardware like open source appropriate technologies (or OSAT) and RepRap 3-D printing can drive distributed recycling and additive manufacturing (DRAM) (and maybe even social change). You can read about our open research wiki space on Appropedia is here.

I am interested in making technologies that drive sustainable development - open source appropriate technologies. Using the P2P as a force multiplier for local self-sufficiency and sustainability anywhere in the world.

P2P Focused Projects