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"Radar Networks have just released the beta test of its main product---Twine. Twine takes the path of Web resource organization to approach the next generation Web. In specific, Twine has employed new Semantic Web technologies such as RDF and SPARQL to defend its goal. From many aspects, the service Twine has the potential to be a new leader of Web evolution and civilization transition.

The problem of Twine is, however, that despite of the adoption of Semantic Web technologies, its produced Web resources are still at the quality of Web 2.0. In short, augmenting tags from manually created to partial manually partial automatically produced does not automatically improve the quality of Web resources. Originally the produced resources were tagged data. Afterwards the produced resources are still tagged data but with more auto-generated tags. It is a quantitative improvement in contrast to a qualitative upgrade. This is why Twine is still a "potential" candidate to the list. It is possible for Twine to develop qualitative upgrade of its produced resource." (

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