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= Semantic Web application, recommended by Yihong-Ding as 'paradigm shifting'



"The Imindi service takes a brand new path approaching the next generation Web. In tradition, mind asset management is mainly about knowledge organization (as what Twine is doing). Imindi projects the goal differently. What the Imindi service does is to produce new mind asset by recursively re-manufacturing the available mind asset through human brains. Unlike Twine, Imindi directly focuses on the level of mind asset refined manufacture instead of mind asset raw manufacture. This is a new type of Web resource manufacturing that we are looking for.

Although Imindi is currently still in its stealth mode, the service might be the first auto-evolving Web resource production line in the world. Imindi may be the first service that can protect itself from the future Web evolution by automatically updating the quality of generated resources in its production line." (