Turning Their Big Data Into Our Digital Commons

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= a project by Berliner Gazette

URL = https://projekte.berlinergazette.de/big-data-in-our-hands/


"We, the users, produce more than 75% of the data that make up our digital universe. However, we do not think of those data as the product of our collective labour and therefore as something we should own. Instead large corporations and powerful states own ‘our’ big data. So we need to ask: Is there a way to turn big data into our digital commons?" (https://projekte.berlinergazette.de/big-data-in-our-hands/)


" Both individual and common privacy rights as well as autonomy are fundamental human rights and also common goods that need to be consciously and intentionally cultivated and protected. Therefore, these principles ought to be applied to big data and guide its use and governance.

We, as individuals and collectively, produce data, therefore we should claim, and fight for, the rights as well as capacities to govern and control it. Big data should be a common good. Everyone should have the power to take decisions about big data as a common good and how it should be organized within the commons."

Five potential solutions

Big Data Commons

Imagining and constructing the big data commons in order to renegotiate the role and value of data in our post-digital societies and in order to create something like commons data. For details please scroll down or use the navigation bar [].

Governance of the Data Commons

Creating an international, multi-stakeholder governance group that defines the scope of issues to develop narratives surrounding big data and the digital commons and that provides guidance as well as advisories to all relevant stakeholders. For details please scroll down or use the navigation bar [].

New Data Infrastructures

Creating new data infrastructures that rely on local networks, community, self-hosting and non-profit ISP, community-owned data centers based on net-neutrality and end to end-encryption throughout all the data channels and free & open source soft- and hardware, open protocols and encryption tools. For details please scroll down or use the navigation bar [].

Commons Data Centers

Creating new data centers for big data that enable to make the collection and use of big data democratically accountable and to administer data in the interest of the public. For details please scroll down or use the navigation bar [].

Big Data Enlightenment

Creating tools for big data enlightenment and education that enable to demystify what big data is all about, that empower us, the people, to use big data and the data commons in a friendly, approachable and engaging way for an average user and that make visible the economical value of big data as well as how it is being used by states and corporations. For details please scroll down or use the navigation bar [].