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Berliner Gazette:

"One fundamental issue in the context of the big data commons concerns strategies of education. Since it is of importance to all of us, how can we make sure that the issue of big data is not exclusively understood and discussed by the corporate and state elites? How can we make sure that all citizens understand the implications, and are able, if necessary, to take counter measures? What measures might these consist of? And, last but not least, how can one carry out a discussion on of this issue so that it has a broad impact? What public places and media should be used?

Demystifying the status quo

– Data grabbing – Industrial Data Stock Farming – Data invaders – Data colonization – Digital Natives


– Data-giving pledge – Data Evader Register – Google employee of the month – Data evader – Hacking Star Wars – Data Vader “Join the right force” Data Master Luke Filewalker

Data grabbing in our hands! Or: re-grabbing!

– Data Mass Index (DMI), – Big Data in our hands in real time (App showing which data are being collected from the phone), – Show me the data, show me the money!

Consumer information system

– Data Traffic-Light System (Evaluation) – “Stiftung Datentest” – Data instructions for use – Fair trade data

Open questions

Most of the ideas above go in the direction of rising individual awareness and offering individual solutions. This is a good beginning, but it still misses the collective aspect of the whole topic: The answer to the current status of Big Data needs to include a common approach if it doesn’t want to reproduce individualistic patterns which are part of the problem.


Finding catchy images qne narratives for the “common” aspect of the whole project."