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= interdisciplinary systems thinker; consensus governance practitioner; contributor to this Wiki



Simon Grant is a contributor to this wiki with much relevant experience. He:

  • lived from 2013 to 2020 in a cohousing development: Lancaster Cohousing, where he contributed to the consensus processes of community governance
  • has a PhD in Cognitive Science / AI / HCI (1991)
  • was involved at all levels in technical interoperability / metadata standardization in the field of educational technology (2002 onwards, mainly through Cetis LLP, below)
  • was a teacher, tutor, lecturer and trainer at school (science, maths, 1978 to 1982) and university (HCI, systems analysis and design (1991 to 1994); e-commerce etc. (1996 to 1999)
  • was a founder member (2015) of Cetis LLP, a Limited Liability Partnership which is set up as a cooperative, with consensus decision making, and which deals in the technology and technical standards of learning and education – specialisation in electronic portfolios, representation of competence, and learner information
  • enjoys singing in very small choirs and a cappella vocal ensembles
  • has been flying an extremely small amount since 1972, and since 2017, paragliding
  • is currently (2021) living in Belgium, in the gemeente of Kortenaken
  • is helping (2021) to lead work on Category: Knowledge Commons

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