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My name is Simon Grant. I use the username "asimong" in many places including here and Wikipedia, and it is my main e-mail address at So a search for "asimong" will probably come up with material related to me.

I have contributed plenty to this wiki (but still very little compared to Michel!). See my contributions page.


A major piece of work I did around new year 2017 was to format Vocabulary of Commons for this wiki.


In 2019 I took on some Wiki Housekeeping work, including a Test Outline page for people.


Late 2020 I'm helping with cleaning up the Main Page. See my Main Page Work page.


I'm trying to knit together a Knowledge Commons on Knowledge Commons – See Category: Knowledge Commons




What I would love to see is this wiki being used by lots of P2P and commons people as the central point for their knowledge commons: including resources, watching / reading lists, reviews etc. I fully expect this to work well where there are a number of people with an interest in actively maintaining such information that is valuable to themselves, and not just supposedly to others. See UserGroups

When I see an author or book without a page, particularly one I know about, I often create a relevant page. See examples (I've done several more since. I've put some dates -- you can see the dates of any page through View history.):

  1. Marjorie Kelly (2016)
  2. Sam Muirhead (2017)
  3. John Thackara (2017)
  4. Lean Logic (2017)
  5. David Fleming (2017)
  6. Gene Youngblood (2017)
  7. Anya Kamenetz (2018)
  8. Peter Pogany (2019)
  9. George Monbiot (2019)

and To Do:

  1. Joshua Vial
  2. Bonnita Roy

I've been coming across lots of related groups that I didn't know about, too. Again, if they are aligned and have no page here, and I care about them, I'll add a page here.

  1. GalGael

Or indeed articles...

You can find out about me through

On my personal blog I very occasionally blog about the things I care about:

  • values
  • personal and ethical development
  • technology supporting people
  • many of the interesting ideas explored in this site

Projects that I would like to find people to share, perhaps within the P2P or Commons orbit?

  1. Commons Academia — creating, generating, presenting high quality useful peer-reviewed knowledge.
  2. Commons Harmonization — a different approach to working with standards.
  3. How to create a generative human culture in web-based communities.
  4. A different take on supply chains — including materials, skills and competences all together.
  5. The "Intrapersonal Commons" — about commoner culture and psychology
  6. Satisfying the cognitive demands of sharing, collaboration, and co-operation generally
  7. Thinking around the topic of distributed curation of commons knowledge
  8. Commons Transition UK loomio group

More than anything else, I am looking for opportunities to act, as well as to think and write, about how to grow and move towards a better world. Please get in touch if you see significant common ground.

I originally came to the P2P Foundation in 2012 through Unlike Minds (who also have a page here Unlike Minds) which has had ties with Gorton (ex-)Monastery in Manchester (England).

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