Policy Proposals for WeBXL

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WeBXL is an initiative for citizen-driven politics in Brussels, Belgium.

This document describes the criteria a proposal for WeBXL has to meet. Any group of 10 citizens from Brussels (link to definition of Initiators) can propose a new policy or change an existing policy in line with the decision making process of WeBXL.

10 Citizens

To encourage everybody to shape the city, the number of supporters needed to propose a new policy has been kept as low as possible.

Values of WeBXL

A proposals has to be in line with all the basic values of WeBXL (link to values). By supporting the policy, the 10 proposers confirm that they believe that this proposal is in line with the values of WeBXL. Any citizen who believes the proposal goes against the values of WeBXL can object to the policy proposal.


The proposal explains how the policy will improve the existing situation. This background is essential to encourage others to think of ways to make the proposal even better, i.e. in line with the guiding concepts for WeBXL.

Measure Effect

The proposal explains how the effect of the proposed policy can be measured (link to measuring.) Measuring the effect is important when working in an agile manner. By piloting and testing in short and sometimes parallel cycles, a policy can be rapidly improved on the condition that all are measuring the effect in the same way.

Pilot Results

The proposal provides information about pilots and tests conducted in Brussels or elsewhere. Policy has to be rooted in reality. Experience with the implementation of the policy is valuable when deliberating the proposal. (Provide link to documentation of pilots)


The proposal provides a budget for the implementation of proposed policy. It also indicates how this budget will be funded. (Link to budget format and types of budget/funding)


The proposers declare all real and potential interests: A clear explanation of how the proposed policy or the act of proposing the policy might or might be perceived to serve the personal or organisational interests of any initiator(s) (Link to conflict of interest).