Guiding Concepts for WeBXL

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WeBXL is an initiative for citizen-driven politics in Brussels, Belgium.

This document defines the concepts that guide WeBXL when design decision making process and policies. Anybody can add to this list by following the decision making process of WeBXL.

Transparency, Responsibility, Accountability

Citizens want real transparency on all decisions, the guarantee that their needs are being addressed and that their ideas can influence decisions.

More Than Voting

Citizens can do more than voting. They can jointly identify priorities, co-create policy and allocate budgets.

Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence techniques should be at the root of decision-making. Internal processes of participation need to go beyond the opinions of individuals. Deliberation sessions between citizens of different walks of life lead to creative solutions that are far better adjusted both to reality and to the needs of stakeholders.

Rooted in Action

The movement needs agility and experimentation, embracing bold approaches piloting possible solutions and improving them continuously.


Power dynamics have to be challenged to achieve ever higher standards of inclusiveness. A true citizen-led politics can only be achieved if it brings people from different backgrounds and beliefs to the table. It needs to be a safe place for any gender and minorities to express their concerns and make their contribution.


Participation in decision making must not take more time than an average citizen can invest in addition to day-to-day responsibilities.


The system of decision making must be easy to understand. The explanation of the process should fit on 1 page (with links to more detailed explanations.)